What can be painted?

We will turn any of your photos into a beautiful oil painting. For example, pictures of your wedding, children, parents, grandparents, pets, events, sports cars, etc. If you are interested in a quality replica of a famous painting that is not shown in our catalog, simply send us the name or a photo of it. We also do portrait paintings in different styles, such as Lichtenstein, Warhol, Pop Art and Retro. Just upload your portrait photo and a sample of the style type you selected, and we will create your painting out of it. Our free photo editing makes a lot of creative ideas easy to realize. We can change the background of your photo or bring back to life old black and white photos. Also, photo montage is free, and we can make one combined painting out of several of your favorite photos. People, animals or objects can be eliminated or added. Hair-style, backgrounds and clothing colors can be altered. Shadows can be removed. Our artists can merge images from different photos to make a single painting. A new trend is to change faces of famous masterpieces to faces of friends or family – a great gift idea. We are always happy to fulfill special requests for any kind of paintings, just simply contact us and let us discuss your wishes.

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